Fredi Gonzalez Fired as Florida Marlin’s Manager

As cited by Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post, Fredi Gonzalez and two other coaches have been fired by the Florida Marlins.

The reason this has significance for the Braves, is that many see Gonzalez as a likely candidate to succeed Bobby Cox as manager next season. The Marlins firing him makes him an even more likely candidate. For four seasons prior to being hired by the Marlins after the 2006 season, Gonzalez served as the third base coach for the Braves. In addition to coaching third, Gonzalez also managed the then triple-A affiliate Richmond Braves for a season in 2002. He is liked within the franchise.

I’ll have a piece speaking about my personal feelings on the possibility of Gonzalez becoming the next Atlanta Braves manager. Frankly, I am not a big fan of his managerial decisions. Having seen the Braves play the Marlins and seen questionable bullpen management and in game strategies, I do believe there are better options.


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